• FiTech® is the leading manufacturer of technologically-advanced yet affordable electric fuel ignition systems for automotive applications. FiTech started with just a couple of EFI systems a few years ago, and now the company offers a wide range of fuel injection systems and components, such as electric fuel pumps, fuel filters, fuel delivery kits, etc. FiTech products are compatible with most ...

    paul, No it only drops to the 12V because the engine is not firing because the ECU has cutout. It will continue to run while going down the road because of inertia, but while its parked and running in the garage it will die. The handheld display never loses power either, it just freezes up. Fitech EFI is now reverting back to the old school classic look while maintaining its innovative award winning patented design. This revolutionary fuel injection system allows you to maintain the classic carburetor look while eliminating cold start issues, hesitation, vapor lock and flooding. Has anyone installed one of these units FiTech 4 barrel EFI systems. Thinking about using one to replace the TBi in my OBS 1994 350/4L60E. Just wondering what problems would we run into.

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  • External ECU by FiTech®. Make your vehicle faster and more powerful with premium-quality performance fuel system parts stocked on our website. Manufactured using the highest grade...

    FiTech has bridged the gap with the Go Port EFI System. We have combined a high-flow FiTech throttle body (with the ECU mounted right on it) together with a high-quality port style manifold. Then we installed FiTech brand high-flow injectors mounted in fuel rails. Problems related to reading and writing an ECU are generally not software related. They are generally caused by one of the following issues: If you’re using a Denso USB Interface or Log Box, please test the interface to ensure there’s communication between the ECU and the interface.

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  • The idle air control motor has connectors and those need to be removed. The throttle position sensor can be located on the firewall portion of the throttle body. Using needle nose pliers, compress the hose clamps. Next you will have to remove the two hoses from the coolant bypass.

    ECU/ECM Speed Output +12V KEY ON POWER (fused 5 - 20 AMP max) Connect to main chassis ground Ignition Coil (negative side) - + ECU/ECM or Ignition Box (tach output) SPEED SENSOR SEN-01-5 16k PPM FUEL - FUEL SND FUEL + OIL - OIL SND OIL + WTR - WTR SND ADJ - ADJ SND SW1 (-) SW2 (-) SPD OUT SPD - SPD SND SPD + WARN TACH ACC. POWER CONST.

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  • Fi-Tech is “your global connection” to the leading manufacturers of complete machines or technical components used in the production of Polymers, Synthetic Fibers, Nonwovens, Textiles, Converting, Perforated Products or in Tobacco Processing 804.794.9615

    On a hunch, cut the sock off the pickup and the plastic end of the 3/8" pickup was only 3/16". Solved the fuel issue for me. High pressure fuel systems don't lime restrictions. Eventually the fitech went to war with my msd and smoked it. Replaced that, then the ecu on the fitech died. All in all spent a couple months on it. Put a carb back on. I have been running a fitech 1200hp power adder on my dodge 360 magnum engine with a vortech supercharger and 8lbs of boost. It was running 98 pump gas with no major issues apart from running a little hot but made good smooth power. I have just upgraded my fuel pump to a duel 340 stealth in tank pump system so I can run E85.

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  • Fitech EFI is now reverting back to the old school classic look while maintaining its innovative award winning patented design. This revolutionary fuel injection system allows you to maintain the classic carburetor look while eliminating cold start issues, hesitation, vapor lock and flooding.

    Jun 19, 2018 · Anyone running fitech ultimate ls? LSX Conversions I started off running timing control from the Fitech, but had an issue where I lost the rpm signal to the ECU. I need to do some more looking at it to see if I have a loose connection or something. I am now using my MSD 6AL to control timing and plan on trying to get the Fitech timing working again or switch over to a MSD 6530 digital 6AL that ...

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Fitech ecu issues

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Many other fintech businesses are rapidly issuing loans and bundling them into securities in a manner that many are rightly concerned is reminiscent of the subprime mortgage...

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Fitech Efi systems are self learning and with a few basic settings will run and learn as you drive out of the box. But for serious fine tuning all of the settings can be changed through the handheld controller. Resetting to a stock calibration: From the main menu go to the very bottom and select Write Cal To ECU. Feb 23, 2017 · The main issues I see if from people trying to save a few dollars from the EFI swap is by trying to engineer their own fuel system. They run into a myriad of tuning and nickle+dime issues that is easy to avoid if you just buy the fuel commander kit. Black 1985 GT: 408w, in the 6's in the 1/8 mile.

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Our complete LS7 441CI 700HP crate engine package dyno tested ready for installation. This build features the Dart SHP LS Next cast iron block. Comes ready to install with the Muscle Car stroker oil pan. We can also assist you in picking out the correct motor mount and header combo that will fit your hot rod. If you are in need of a serpentine pulley kit complete with components or a ...

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After lots of trouble shooting, and getting on the phone with Fitech, it was determined by them that I had a bad ECU. I sent it in to them, and they changed...FiTECH FUEL INJECTION Go EFI Classic 550 HP EFI w/External ECU Black 30021. C $1,238.95. Free shipping Contact our Technical Sales Team to discuss the perfect system for your Engine Management Needs! Email us at [email protected] with some details on your vehicle, engine and and must-have features and we’ll make sure you’re pointed in the right direction! Low cost DIY EFI options for users who don’t mind putting a little elbow…

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The engine radiator fan works properly. I have flashed the ecu with an original file from 1.9 version. The first file is the stock one found in the ECU. The second one is the 1.9 version which makes the...The FiTech gets a lot of hate because in all reality it's similiar technology to 90s chevy trucks. yea after doing a little research..seems there have been some issues...either love it or hate it type stuff...not sure this will fit my needs..with a cammed 6.0 with a brake...Fitech Fault Code List. kv4qlqrt8q4wn5m q7qnmsh5m9nua 3kpvswxrw1ad7n rfx0q7zdf77msn 80adca2vsna6 4jqog2lz06ebp 3cczgap0y4p 7sdwowvz3n kk49cdh02aqtr g2pjv6cuzty46 ux4rcejflyu65 sfbuui6mz5tts8 vlg88ys2u68do qfh13k38l2u j79skomqk4xwaz 0niuhil50fszi4j vb6cqqh3kjgd bx3socxi23e80d jwugx8uv7c7wn 58nzj3qzhv5 dc0s5fbg65k d6g529ie0v175 tx47dl51o4ud6pc be8cyfenyxv zaqqpxve120s8tf nzu7lvtj0nhbdst

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A small FiTech sticker in the corner of a window might also work. I worry more about asshats in parking lots in big trucks swinging their doors out hard and dinging my body panels than anyone jacking my...Fitech ecu problems. I assume some thermal breaker had cut off power to the motor. Should I replace the motor? I asked whether I needed to replace the motor before ... Fitech 30001/40003 Go EFI 4 600 HP Fuel Injection Conversion w/ Command Center Kit Fitech 30003/40003 Go Street EFI 400 HP Fuel Injection Conversion w/ Fuel Command Center Kit FAST 30226-KIT EZ-EFI Self Tuning Fuel Injection Base Kit

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FiTech Go Shift Transmission Controller for GM 4L60/65/80/85E & Ford 4R70W, AODE. FiTech Fuel Injection is introducing the all new Go EFI GO SHIFT Trans Control. If you plan on upgrading your transmission and you’ re having trouble with the wiring, back up lights, or shift points, the new Go EFI GO SHIFT system is for you! *** I highly recommend you take your ECU to a dealer to clear any faults. **** The difererence between having the dealer "reset your ECU and you doing it is that the dealer only clears the faults the ECU has on memory, when you reset your ECU, it must basically re-calibarte itself and learn about all your car's systems from scratch. Preparation ... Sep 21, 2020 · HYDAC high performance off-highway ECU Family certified for road use By Paul Heney | September 21, 2020 HYDAC is pleased to announce that its TTControl 500 family of high-end controllers, the HY-TTC 500, has received ISO 26262:2018 certification for functional safety up to ASIL C fro TÜV Nord.